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Chess tournament

Chess has always been popular. The game’s culture is advanced in countries all around the world. Players who invest the most in this sport become geniuses, thinking thousands of steps ahead. In chess, they’re grandmasters.

Have you ever watched their performance? It’s a strategic miracle! Even their slightest pawn move is a mathematically processed play.

And the best thing about chess is the absence of randomness. The match entirely depends on players’ moves. That’s very competitive.

GG.Bet can’t ignore such a pure sport. Our chess betting is full of tournaments of different scales. Betting on them is fun, diverse, and profitable. It’s thanks to our broad choice of markets and increased odds.

History of Chess as a Professional Sport

Even though chess as a sport was born in the 18th century, its sprouts grew earlier. The first chess tournament occurred in 1575 in El Escorial, Spain. Its winner was Leonardo di Bona, an Italian chess master and enthusiast.

It took 300 years for chess to become an organized discipline. The first modern event was in London in 1851. At those times, chess was nothing like we know. Adolf Anderssen, a German player, won using a rapid attack style.

Soon, Anderssen got beat by an American prodigy, Paul Murphy. Each new champion came up with unique play styles and strategic insights. This was moving the sport.

As a result, chess has entered the golden era: the 20th century. It was the time of the greatest players: Bobby Fischer, Anatoly Karpov, Tigran Petrosian, Garry Kasparov, and others. These masters have brought absolute fame to chess.

Chess development researchers have found some peculiar facts. The most interesting are:

  • The longest chess game was in 1989 and lasted 20 hours;
  • Chess preceding games reached Western Europe around the year 1000;
  • Chess indeed improves players’ memory;
  • The game has 319 billion possible combinations;
  • You can checkmate an opponent in 2 turns.

Do some of these facts seem vague to you? Then, the following paragraph will help you better understand chess.

How to Play Chess

The chess game takes place on the checkered 8x8 field. There are two players, each controlling 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 2 kings, a king, and a queen. To win, a player must take down the enemy’s king.

But first, he must reach him by moving his figures. Each does it differently. This enables lots of smart plays and strategies. They play a gigantic role in the winning process.

Applying strategies begins at the opening turns. But as the game progresses, they might change and adapt. This variety makes chess very fascinating to watch and bet on.

Get the Best Chess Betting Odds on GG.Bet

Chess odds define how much you win per bet. So, to have the highest betting income, you should pick a bookmaker with raised odds. That’s actually what we offer at GG.Bet.

Our analytic team considers all the pre-match factors. This gives us the most accurate chess betting odds. But then, we also spice them up a bit, increasing them. For us, it is a way to attract more bettors – for you, to win more.

Chess Betting Tips: Be Ready for Every Strategy

To make the most effective chess bets, you need experience. Wait, you don’t have to gain it through hundreds of losing bets. Here are several tips that will instantly turn you into a better chess punter.

Check Players’ Elo

Most of the chess pros spend much time practicing online. They do it at Before wagering, visit it and check players’ profiles to see their Elo and recent game results. This is a good representation of their competitive shape.

Examine Players’ “Styles”

Everyone plays chess differently. Some like aggressive style, while others enjoy the defense. One player benefits from white figures (first turn), and the other does not.

You must find and compare this information. It will give you a perspective on a game, which leads to more successful chess betting.

Remember About Draws

Chess games don’t always end with someone’s victory. Draw is a common scenario. So, if you know the players’ skills are equal, consider draw betting.

Popular Markets for Betting on Chess

There is a difficulty with the variety of chess markets. Due to the peculiarities of the discipline, there are not many outcomes to bet on. But at GGBet we compensate it with odds high enough to make us a niche leader. They apply to the following lines:

  • Outright bet. This one allows you to bet on the event winner right away;
  • Game winner. Bet on who you think wins a single chess game;
  • Draw betting. Bet on the draw if you consider opponents equal.

However, during major events, we expand our chess betting options by adding prop bets. Soon, we’ll reveal what tournaments to look for.

Live Chess Betting

In chess, opening turns are crucial. If you could only peek into them before betting on chess, wagering correctly would be much easier. GG.Bet gives such an opportunity.

If there is a “Live” tag near the chess game, it means that the match is ongoing. Click it, and you’ll access all our live bets. But be aware that live chess odds shift according to every turn. So, wager quickly.

Live betting can be a fantastic way to implement a catch-up strategy. It implies you double your bet after a loss. And as the bets in real time are easier to predict, this will likely work out.

We also have broadcasts of almost all chess events available. They’re right above the live markets. You can watch and bet on chess on the same page!

Major Chess Championships to Bet On

Did you know that major chess tournaments give top profit? It’s due to their increased odds to attract more fans for chess betting. GG.Bet does it too. And that happens quite often. Moreover, we even have minor championships as long as grandmasters perform. Here are a few examples of our featured events.

World Chess Championship

The only way to find the world's best player is to invite all the top competitors to a single event. That’s the World Chess Championship.

If you are looking for chess betting on prop markets, WCC is for you. Wagering on these unique markets feels completely different when you witness grandmasters’ battles.

Chess Olympiad

Every two years, all world countries send their best athletes to compete at the Chess Olympiad. CO often impresses with its talents. It’s like a platform for new chess geniuses to arise.

For this reason and the fact that the Olympiad is not an annual event, the odds are unstable yet high. What a great chance to raise more cash with online chess betting.

Grand Chess Tour

Since 2015, the Grand Chess Tour has been a competition where top players fight for monetary prizes. Such players progress rapidly. So, your predictions might not work here properly.

That’s a perfect time to implement GG.Bet live betting option. See what competitors got, and then bet more precisely.

Candidates Tournament

To determine the challenger of the WCC, FIDE conducts a Candidates tournament. This is the time of surprises.

Can you handle them? With GG.Bet, yes. We give you live bets and streams, various betting markets, plus more profit with increased odds.

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