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Cricket is one of the sports that boasts a rich history, interesting traditions, and a large audience of followers from all over the world. Here are a few reasons why cricket betting is the option of choice for bookmaker clients around the world:

  • Impressive complexity of the game;
  • Extended match duration;
  • Multiple global championships;
  • A plethora of online betting markets to use;
  • Cultural Influence (especially in India);
  • A wide selection of sites where you can get info about different matches, individual players, teams, and more.

Being a global bookmaker, GG.Bet offers to test your fortune and place bets on numerous cricket events. Together with multiple markets for each match, we offer one of the most competitive cricket odds, bringing you big cash prizes. While exploring the cricket betting line, feel free to choose from all local as well as world events, including the following:

  • ICC Cricket World Cup;
  • ICC Championship Trophy;
  • Ashes Series;
  • Championship League Twenty20;
  • Indian Premier League;
  • NatWest Series;
  • Asia Cup, and more.

Since its inception in the 16th century in England, cricket has gradually gained popularity and is now one of the top games in India, South Africa, Pakistan, England, Australia, and other countries. However, it first became a national sport in England in the 18th century, and by the end of the 18th century the first cricket clubs appeared. Marylebone Cricket Club (1787) became the pioneer in which the main rules and regulations of the game were declared.

Basic Cricket Rules

If you decide to bet on cricket, you should know about the basic rules and game’s features. Cricket is a game played by 2 teams of 11 players each. The goal of one of the teams is to score points, while the other team does everything to dismiss the opponent's team players. In addition to the players on the oval 22-yard field, there are 2 referees and 1 - outside the field.

Teams play 1 or 2 innings, depending on the format. There is also an over in the game, which consists of 6 balls delivered by the bowler. The batsman needs to score a point by hitting the ball with the bat and then successfully running between the stumps.

The second option is hitting boundaries, which is also important to know for cricket betting. If the ball reaches the boundary and bounces, the team gets 4 runs. If the ball does not bounce, then the team receives 6 runs. The team with the most points wins.

What Types of Cricket Bets are Available at GGBet?

You can test your luck using the following cricket markets on our bookmaker.

  • Moneyline. It is a simple wager on one of the teams.
  • Outright. In this case, you predict the series winner or the championship.
  • Live bets. These are bets you place during the game. They are very dynamic and require you to be well-versed in the game's rules, teams’ performance, and so on.

If you decide to enjoy live cricket betting, we offer a handy visualization of the field and comprehensive stats so you can make a maximum informed decision.

The Major Events for Cricket Betting

Cricket is characterized by leagues and tournaments ranging from international with national teams to local ones where club teams try to prove themselves. The most significant cricket tournaments are held in the regions that are members of the International Cricket Council: West Indies, England, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand.

Here is the list of top events for online cricket betting:

  • ICC World Test Championship;
  • Vitality T20 Blast;
  • Indian Premier League;
  • ICC Cricket World Cup;
  • The Ashes Series;
  • Pakistan Super League;
  • Bangladesh Premier League;
  • Big Bash League;
  • Caribbean Premier League;
  • ICC T20 World Cup.

With GG.Bet betting site you can choose any match within these events and try your fortune. Some of these championships are better represented in our line than others, so we advise you to pay maximum attention to them. Below we have described them.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

IPL betting is one of the most popular options among cricket fans. The IPL is the professional and the most known Twenty20 league in India. It was first established in 2008 by the Cricket Control Board of India and featured the combination of a short game format, a franchise-based system, and a massive fan following.

Enjoy the Best IPL Betting Odds

GG.Bet always strives to be the top online bookmaker in the market. That is why we offer the most competitive cricket odds for this championship you can take advantage of. You may choose between a more predictable pre-match or thrilling but risky live betting options, depending on your preferences.

T20 World Cup

It is currently the top international Twenty20 cricket championship. The first time, it was held in 2007. It marked the leadership of T20 in the world cricket arena. On our bookmaker, you can enjoy tempting T20 odds every four years while betting on matches within different T20 World Cup stages: from lower-ranked teams to semi-finals and a final.

ICC Championship

This is a major women's championship, which is a qualifying stage for getting into the world championship. Within this event, 8 national teams participate in a series of three ODIs over a 2-year cycle. The first tournament was held in 2014.

Cricket Odds

Odds in cricket betting are determined based on specific events and their statistical analysis, understanding of the market dynamic, and expert knowledge. They show the probability of particular outcomes and also your potential profit. Let’s take a look at odds calculation with an Australia vs New Zealand example:

  • Odds for Australia’s victory: 2.20;
  • Odds for New Zealand’s victory: 1.80.

If you place a $100 cricket bet on Australia, you will get $100 x 2.20 = $220. If you choose New Zealand as a favorite, you get $100 x 1.80 = $180. Often, odds may change, especially during live betting. There are several reasons for that:

  • Team (player) news;
  • Changes in weather conditions;
  • Dynamics of cricket betting markets (volume of bets);
  • In-game events.

However, you can get the most out of the bet by researching the team’s statistics, players’ performance, expert opinions, and more. You must understand the market and always stay informed about the slightest chances. Also, do not forget about managing your bankroll.

Cricket Online Betting FAQs

How to bet on cricket?

After registration on GGBet, you must make a deposit and head to the sports betting section. Choose between pre-match or live and select an event. Next, you must explore available markets and odds for cricket betting. After deciding, specify the sum you want to place and click to confirm the bet. After the end of the match, you will receive a notification with the results in your email or via the internal message system.

Can I bet live on cricket at GG.Bet?

Yes, our bookmaker offers you to bet on cricket matches after they start. This option is riskier compared to pre-match betting since odds quickly change. On the other hand, the odds are often higher, so you may take advantage of them and get an impressive cash win if you are well-versed in particular teams, players, event types, and more.

Why do cricket betting odds change in live?

When you enjoy betting on cricket, there are several reasons why live odds are changing dramatically, and the key ones are real time events (injuries, flurry of wickets, and so on). Also plays a role in the number of bettors who can adjust the odds, weather peculiarities, and hasty changes in the team’s strategy. Do not underestimate the emergence of new information reporters can announce about the match, players, teams, etc.

How does Ashes betting work?

Ashes is one of the oldest and most prestigious test series in which only England and Australia participate. This series is characterized by intense competition and wide audience coverage, reflected in the odds. As part of this option, you can use pre-match (for example, money line or outright) and live bets, as in other cricket championships available on our website.

How to analyze opponents when betting on cricket matches?

For the best cricket betting, you need to analyze the head-to-head matches as well as the last 5-10 matches of both teams. Assess the key players and their current form. Also, the field's type and size, soil, and weather conditions affect the game. It is important to note the teams' strategy and psychological factors (for example, a winning streak can motivate the team better).

Why GG.Bet Is Your Choice for Cricket Betting?

Our bookmaker is a perfect choice for all online betting enthusiasts because of its wide selection of both local and world events, competitive cricket odds, and high reliability. We provide real-time statistics and handy visualization of the playing field so you can make the most informed decision.

Download the Cricket Betting App

Those who prefer to enjoy cricket betting on the go may use only our mobile version of the site and a dedicated Android app. This full-fledged solution compares favorably with faster and more stable work without lags and friezes and a convenient push notification function. Moreover, the app’s users can boost their cricket match betting experience and increase their chances of winning with our exclusive promo deals specifically designed for mobile.

Cricket Betting Tips: How to Make Predictions Correctly?

Here are several tips you should consider while betting on cricket:

  • Detailed research: study the recent performance of the teams, the form of individual players, the moral and psychological state;
  • Weather and field analysis: dry and windy weather, as well as rain, can fundamentally affect the state of the field and, accordingly, the course of the match;
  • Team strategy: compare the approaches used by both teams, the order of strikes, the mechanism for using the opponent's weaknesses, etc.;
  • Rationality: avoid emotional betting. Accurate analytics and predictions based on statistics are important in this process;
  • Budget management: try to diversify your bets and stay within your budget limit;
  • Analyzing your bets: always record your predictions, losses, and wins to improve your strategy.

However, the key recommendation for both a beginner and an experienced bettor is to choose the best betting site for cricket. Together with GGBet you can use your full potential in a 100% secure environment with hefty bonuses and reliable customer support from our experts. So why not try?